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Criminal discovery is now provided through the TechShare Defense Portal. See below for additional information about how to gain access to the system.

Tech Share Prosecutor

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office provides discovery on criminal cases to defense attorneys through the TechShare Defense Portal. Only licensed attorneys may apply for access to the portal, and an attorney must read and accept the terms of use in order to apply. Violations of the terms of use may result in access to the defense portal being cut off.

Once you create an account and log in, you can click on the Help tab in the top right of the screen for additional information. If you are having trouble logging in, you may email the help desk at or call them at 512-833-8303.

  1. You must be shown as the attorney of record in FACTS in order to access your case(s). It is your responsibility to make sure that the court coordinators have entered your information in each of your cases correctly, especially your bar card number.
  2. If you find that you have access to any case where you are not the attorney of record, please notify us as soon as possible so we can correct that in the system.
  3. All computer systems have limitations so there will still be certain types of discovery that must be provided outside of the system. This will usually be video files that the system is unable to handle because of file size or format.
  4. Attorneys and staff in both offices have been working to upload DME and make it discoverable in the system, but this is a work in progress. You will find that some cases haven’t been reviewed yet and some DME still needs to be uploaded and marked as discoverable. We ask for patience and feedback that will help us focus our efforts.
  5. Due to the volume of misdemeanor cases in the system, the County Attorney’s office cannot go back into cases in which you have already received discovery and also make that discovery viewable within the portal. All new discovery received, and discovery in all new cases entered, will be viewable and downloadable through the portal.
  6. The County Attorney’s office will continue to provide DWI videos on disks for the near future. The file size of these videos in their current format is too large to be workable within the system. We are hopeful for a future solution that will allow you to stream the videos in an MP4 format through the portal (with the native format available also), but at this time most of the law enforcement agencies video applications will not support conversion to MP4.
  7. Prior to indictment, but after an accused person has been booked, (meaning they have been arrested or turned themselves in), the attorney of record may make a request for discovery. Discovery will be made available as soon as practicable prior to indictment unless the prosecutor believes that disclosure could impair an on-going investigation or possibly place a victim, witness, or the community at risk. If discovery is provided prior to indictment, defense counsel should be aware that it is likely to be limited and/or incomplete at that point. It will be necessary for counsel to continue checking TechShare for supplemental discovery.
  8. As with any computer system, a strong internet connection will provide you with a better experience when using the system.

See the Standing Order signed by the District Judges.

Policy on Disclosure of Privileged Communications

  • All employees and agents of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office are prohibited from listening to or recording privileged communications between lawyers and/or their representatives and a client held in custody. In the event any employee, agent or representative of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office becomes aware of a communication between a lawyer or their representative and his client that has been recorded, the District Attorney employee shall immediately stop listening to the recording and immediately inform their direct supervisor, a Division Director, the First Assistant or the District Attorney. The attorney for the client shall be immediately informed of the recording.
  • This policy applies to any and all communications between lawyers or their representatives and their clients, including telephone calls, video conferences, video visitations, in person visitations and written communications.
  • This policy does not apply to cases where the prosecutor’s office or any law enforcement agency has obtained a valid warrant to monitor communications. This policy does not apply where the client has waived the privilege in writing.


The Travis County District Attorney’s Office reviews all expunction requests related to felony cases. If you are seeking information on a felony expunction, or need to request your client’s case be reviewed for an early expunction, you may submit your requests to When submitting a request for an early expunction, please include the name of your client and cause number.

Felony Diversion Programs

DWI Court

  • The Travis County Felony DWI Court is a newly developed alcohol intervention program. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for changing negative behaviors through court monitoring, urinalysis, case management, community outreach, and alcohol abuse education and treatment referrals.
  • Defendants who have only two previous misdemeanor convictions for DWI are eligible for this program.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, the felony DWI will be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor and the defendant will be placed on a period of probation.
  • The Travis County District Attorney’s Office along with Adult Probation has created a Felony DWI Pretrial Diversion Program (hereinafter Felony DWI Court). Judge Urrutia will preside over this docket in the 450th District Court.
  • Judge Urrutia will modify the bond conditions of the DWI 3rd to include the completion of the DWI Court handled by Judge Earle.
  • The defendant, defense attorney, and state’s attorney must sign an agreement with the TCDA as a condition of participating in the Felony DWI Court. This agreement will include a judicial confession admitting guilt to the DWI 3rd, which may be entered into evidence at trial without objection by the defendant.
  • When county jail time sanctions are needed as part of the DWI Court participation, Judge Earle would refer the matter to Judge Urrutia for approval of jail time.
  • The program is structured to be completed within 12 – 18 months.
  • A defendant who successfully completes DWI Court will have his/her case reduced to a Class A DWI 2nd. The defendant will be placed on a 2-year misdemeanor probation with continued treatment/after care as directed by probation and would maintain either a SCRAM and/or IID in place for at least a period of 1 year. The defendant would remain on the specialty docket in the 450th through the duration of the probation and Judge Urrutia would handle any revocation proceeding if necessary.
  • Only true DWI 3rd cases will be accepted.
  • No DWI w/ child SJF cases will be accepted.
  • No collisions, no prior violent criminal history, no other pending cases (felonies or misdemeanors), and no prior DWI Court or Drug Court participants.
  • No prior convictions or deferred adjudications for any felony offense.
  • Must reside in Travis County or a contiguous county.
  • A defendant must submit an application within 120 days of arrest.
  • Once the defendant has been conditionally approved for Felony DWI Court by TDCA staff, he or she will be referred to DWI Court staff to set up an assessment and attend a DWI Court session. Once the defendant has been clinically approved for Felony DWI Court, then he or she will be placed in a pool of approved candidates for random selection into the Felony DWI Court. If the defendant meets all the criteria for DWI Court, is clinically appropriate, and is selected at random to participate, then the defendant’s case will be transferred to the 450th docket pending successful completion of the program.

Pretrial Diversion

  • The Felony Pretrial Diversion Program is intended to help defendants charged with felony offenses to move beyond the criminal justice system. Defendants who successfully complete pretrial diversion can have their case dismissed. In many instances, they are also eligible to seek an expunction so that they can move forward with a clear criminal record.
  • Conditions of pretrial diversion are individually tailored based on the facts of the case and the circumstances of the defendant. These conditions can include regular reporting to a probation officer, payment of probation fees, payment of restitution, participation in substance abuse or mental health treatment, or the completion of educational programs. If a person fails to complete the terms of pretrial diversion, their case can be referred back to the TCDA trial court division for prosecution.
  • There is not a formal application required for the Pretrial Diversion Program. There are three ways a case can be considered for diversion. First, some types of offenses are automatically considered for pretrial diversion. If the case is determined to be appropriate, a pretrial diversion offer is extended through the defense attorney. Second, the assigned prosecutor can refer a case for consideration. Finally, defense attorneys can submit a request that a client’s case be reviewed by filling out the information here

Youthful Offenders Diversion Program

  • A newly developed program for young offenders (ages 17-25) who would benefit from a structured therapeutic course with a focus on altering criminal behavior. This program consists of 12 months of case management, cognitive behavioral therapy and job skills training.
  • Once all conditions are successfully met, the criminal charge will be dismissed and the offender may apply for an expunction.
  • The Travis County District Attorney’s Office along with Adult Probation has created a Youthful Offender Diversion Program.
  • Judge Kennedy will preside over this docket. If accepted into the program, the pending criminal case will be transferred to the 403rd District Court.
  • The program will address the needs of youthful offenders (ages 17 – 25 year olds) who have minimal criminal history.
  • The program is structured to be completed within 12 – 18 months.
  • The program may consist of an evaluation/assessment, treatment, counseling sessions (both individual and group sessions) and classes. Specific conditions applicable to each participant will be enumerated in an Agreement signed by defendant, defense attorney and state’s attorney.
  • Upon successful completion of all conditions, the criminal charges will be dismissed and state will not pursue further prosecution of the offense.
  • The participant may be eligible under Article 55.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure to have the arrest expunged upon successful completion of the Youthful Offender Program.
  • Prior to entering the program, the participant will complete the appropriate paperwork to enter a plea of guilty to the charged offense, sign a judicial confession admitting guilt and accept the state’s plea offer.
  • Since enrollment in the program is limited to a maximum number of 30 participants, applications will be accepted only during a specified periods of time.
  • The first application period will open from April 1st through April 15th.
  • Application periods are anticipated to occur approximately every 60 days and applications will be accepted during specified time periods to be determined by the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and Adult Probation.
  • Applicants will be screened by an application committee to determine the most appropriate candidates for this program.
  • Applicants must observe the Youthful offender court docket in order to be considered for the program.
  • In advance of selection for the program, applicants must submit to an assessment by Travis County Probation to ensure that they are clinically appropriate for the program and to determine appropriate services.
  • Clinically appropriate applicants will be selected for the program at random.
  • Clinically appropriate applicants not selected during the initial application period will be considered for the next application period. If an applicant has not been accepted for two application periods, the applicant will not be accepted into the program.

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office will consider a defendant’s application for the Youthful Offender Diversion Program for most felony offenses. The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 25 with minimal criminal and juvenile history. The following non-exclusive list of factors will be considered for a defendant’s acceptance into the program:

  • The nature and type of offense, as well as the circumstances surrounding the commission of the offense, including any potential harm to the community by the defendant.
  • The defendant’s criminal history and/or prior contacts with law enforcement, including juvenile offenses and all non-traffic offenses.
  • Defendant’s acceptance of responsibility for the underlying offense as articulated in his/her version of the offense in Section VII of the application.
  • Defendant cannot test positive for any illegal drugs or non-prescribed controlled substances.
  • Defendant’s substance abuse issues or other similar conditions that would best be monitored in a formal probation environment or participation in a specialty court supervised by the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.

A defendant and the attorney of record wishing to apply for acceptance into the Youthful Offender Diversion program shall complete an application. Once the application is complete, the attorney of record shall electronically submit the application and any supporting documents to The application will be reviewed and the defendant’s attorney will be notified regarding defendant’s acceptance into the program.


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