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Basic Questions

You may be court-ordered to complete a specific number of CSR hours during your term of probation. CSR is volunteer work at a non-profit or government agency. The Adult Probation Department maintains service agreements with various agencies throughout Travis County who participate as CSR sites. Your probation officer will provide you with further details regarding your CSR requirement.

The Process

Your probation officer (PO) will discuss your CSR requirement with you. The PO has access to a list of approved CSR agencies located throughout Travis County that have varying hours of operation Sunday - Saturday. Please note that your options for CSR agencies may vary depending on your offense.

Once a CSR agency is selected, your PO will assign you to the agency and give you a form to take take to the agency the first time you volunteer. The form will include the agency’s address and any specific instructions on how to start completing CSR with that agency.

Every time you volunteer, you must sign in on the Travis County Adult Probation CSR time sheet. Each CSR agency reports these hours to Travis County Adult Probation by the following business day.

Generally, all court-ordered CSR hours must be completed no later than 60 days before your probation term ends. However, the Court or your PO may give you additional rules or timeframes for completing your CSR hours.

Pretrial Diversion Programs (PTD) are an alternative to prosecution offered by the Travis County District Attorney's Office and the Travis County Attorney’s Office which seeks to divert defendants from traditional criminal justice processing into a program of supervision and services administered by the Travis County Community Supervision and Corrections Department. Ideally, defendants are diverted at the pre-information stage. Participants who successfully complete the program have the charge against them dismissed; unsuccessful participants are returned for prosecution.

The objectives of Pretrial Diversion are:

  1. To prevent future criminal activity among certain defendants against whom prosecutable cases exist by diverting them from traditional processing into community supervision and services.
  2. To save prosecutorial and judicial resources for concentration on higher risk offenders.
  3. To allow defendants to have their criminal charge dismissed.

South Lab Hours:

7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday – Thursday
7:30am to Noon-Friday

North Lab Hours:

7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Thursday
7:30 am to Noon on Friday

Report only to location assigned to you by your Probation Officer


  • Credit card
  • Cash (ONLY at the EOB)
  • Money order/cashier’s check


There is a daily transaction fee of $2.00.

In addition, the credit card processing fee is

  • 2.75% or $1, whichever is greater, in person
  • 2.75% or $1, whichever is greater, on the web
  • 3% or $4.95, whichever is greater, over the phone
To pay over the phone, dial (800) 451-3887 (or 512-495-6563), select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, then select 4 to make a payment. Follow the instructions. You will need your case number and your pin, which is the date of birth in 6 digits (mm/dd/yy).
  • EOB downtown on the 7th floor. This location takes all forms of payment.
  • South (PCT 4) on the 1st floor. This location does NOT take CASH.
  • North (PCT 2) on the 1st floor. This location does NOT take CASH.
  • Mental Health Unit (Legal Aid Bldg) on the 1st floor. This location does NOT take CASH.

(EOB, South, North and Mental Health names should be clickable links to the unit information and map)

If you have instructions from your Probation Officer for paying by web, click here to pay on the web . You will need your user name and password that you created using the instructions from your Probation Officer and your credit card number, expiration date and security code.


Once you have been placed on probation, court staff will give you instructions to report to the Probation Intake Office. Included in the folder you receive in court is the Intake Form. Click here to open the intake form. If you have not already filled it out, you can do so at the Intake Office. The office is on the first floor in the courthouse, the same building where you will go to court.
You will be interviewed by Intake Staff who will:
  1. Provide you with information to attend a one-time probation orientation class
  2. Assign you a probation officer and a time, date and location to report for an initial visit
  3. Answer questions you have to prepare you for your first visit with your officer
  1. First, you need to know that all Probation buildings have security screening at the entrance. There are lockers where you can leave your valuables, keys, cell phones, etc. The guard will guide you to the lockers and instruct you about what you can and cannot bring into the building.
  2. You will be provided with an orientation handbook that includes the checklist of what to bring to your first visit with your officer.
  3. The handbook will be reviewed. View the orientation handbook here. (Español)
  1. The YELLOW FOLDER that you will be given at orientation. Keep your Handbook and handouts in it that you receive in Orientation. Use it to keep all of your probation paperwork organized and handy. Ask your PO for a replacement folder as needed.
  2. Your copy of your Conditions of Probation
  3. CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION for any classes or treatment you completed while on bond.
  5. Proof of IGNITION INTERLOCK INSTALLATION if ordered by the court.
  6. Proof of CAR INSURANCE.
  7. Proof of EMPLOYMENT. A copy of your pay stub. You may bring a letter from your employer, on employer Letterhead, stating that you are employed with them if you do not receive a pay stub.
  8. Proof of RESIDENCE. A current Lease Agreement or a utility bill, in your name, listing your address. If you live with someone else, bring a letter from that person stating you live with them and a copy of that person’s utility bill.
  9. Bring the FINANCIAL STUDY FORM and copies of your MONTHLY BILLS AND INCOME INFORMATION if the Judge ordered a financial study.
  10. A MONEY ORDER in the amount of $62.00 for your monthly supervision fee ($60 supervision fee and $2 transaction fee) if your case was probated in Travis County.
  11. An updated list of any and all medications you are taking.
If you are probated in Travis County but you reside in another county, you can discuss transferring to your home county when you go to Intake.
If you reside out of state and want to have your case transferred, you MUST discuss this with your attorney PRIOR to going to court. Federal Regulations determine if you are able to be transferred out of state. This is not in the hands of either probation or the judge. Please click here to read further information about the Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS) that governs out of state transfers.

Please locate your probation officers number from the list below. Please note: Other officers may not be able to assist you.

NamePhone Number
Anzaldua, Priscilla 512-854-6321
Arellano, Patty 512-854-3538
Barcenas, Lucy 512-854-5714
Barcenas, Rachel 512-854-3526
Bays, Karen 512-854-5726
Benesh, Lundy 512-854-6940
Berrospi, Alida 512-854-5728
Berry, Samantha 512-854-6334
Brueckner, Heidi 512-854-5759
Calvert, Amber 512-854-5798
Cano, Nestor 512-854-5792
Carabillo, Kimberly 512-854-6432
Carlson, Tracy 512-854-4362
Carnero, Juanita 512-854-5256
Castillo, Michelle 512-854-5259
Ceja, Francisco 512-854-3558
Chavarria, Nora 512-854-5724
Chilek, Tom 512-854-7690
Conant, Jessica 512-854-5789
Cooper, Rose Marie 512-854-5708
Cortinas, Manuel 512-854-5740
Covington, Deven 512-854-5252
Cruz, Lucy 512-854-5722
Cruz, Miguel 512-854-5769
Cuesta, Eric 512-854-6333
DeLeon, Roger 512-854-7599
Deslatte, Melanie 512-854-5736
DeVine, Cody 512-854-5761
Edwards, Kevin 512-854-6348
Flores, Paola 512-854-3537
Galindo, Daphne 512-854-5768
Garcia, Elizabeth 512-854-5755
Garcia, Kelley 512-854-5749
Garza, Alexis 512-854-5739
Garza, Ludivina 512-854-4964
Gomez, Kristen 512-854-5707
Gonzalez, Lizette 512-854-5762
Gonzalez, Lynette 512-854-5764
Gonzalez, Rene 512-854-6303
Gray, Rebecca 512-854-6340
Gremminger, Carolyn 512-854-5265
Guerra, Amanda 512-854-5747
Gutierrez, Marely 512-854-6314
Haynes, Samantha 512-854-3501
Hernandez, Angel 512-854-7612
Hernandez, Ariana 512-854-5784
Hoy, Charles 512-854-5862
Jackson Brianna 512-854-6326
Johnson, Colleen 512-854-5260
Johnson, Heather 512-854-5730
Jones, DeAdriene 512-854-9827
Kesner, April 512-854-6361
Kimble, Bria 512-854-6350
LaFollette, Sharon 512-854-6336
LaPorte, Joyce 512-854-5750
Liburd, Ariel 512-854-6323
Lomas, Claire 512-854-5717
Lopez, Adam 512-854-6490
Lopez, Angel 512-854-6354
Lozano, Alejandra 512-854-5753
Madrid, Laura 512-854-5258
Malic, Mubera 512-854-5711
Malone, Desiree 512-854-5269
Manchack, Tanya 512-854-6339
Marshall, Mia 512-854-4236
Martinez, Erica 512-854-4517
Martinez, Isabel 512-854-5735
Martinez-Penichet, Daniel 512-854-6476
McFalls, Krystal 512-854-6345
Meda, Carlos 512-854-5759
Melton, Eboni 512-854-6942
Mendez, Crystal 512-854-5720
Mendoza, Daniel 512-854-5721
Merlino, Christopher 512-854-4361
Mitchell, Kim 512-854-6305
Morgan, Erin 512-854-5737
Murguia, Stephanie 512-854-7603
Neal, Devonte 512-854-5746
Nicholson, Christina 512-854-3158
Pace, Delma 512-854-6347
Pacheco, Diego 512-854-5727
Paris, Thelma 512-854-5734
Pearce, Meagan 512-854-5745
Pedraza, Natasha 512-854-5792
Peterson, Roberto 512-854-1117
Powell, Monique 512-854-6356
Pratt, John 512-854-4966
Rodriguez, Marissa 512-854-5781
Rodriguez, Richard L. 512-854-6327
Saenz, Virginia 512-854-6341
Saldana, Bailey 512-854-6365
Sanders, Chris 512-854-5273
Savoy, Kevin 512-854-6352
Seward Hasty, Caitlin 512-854-5277
Smallwood, Katelyn 512-854-6342
Smith, Shawn 512-854-6353
St. Aubin, Kerri 512-854-3142
Sterling, Elaine 512-854-5729
Stoddard, Myra 512-854-5738
Strunk, Wendy 512-854-5779
Tanguma, David 512-854-5780
Tate, Michelle 512-854-5275
Torres-Renteria, Flori 512-854-5760
Vasquez, Rosalinda 512-854-5743
Vasquez-Martinez, Julie 512-854-6357
Velasquez, Crystal 512-854-6349
Vences, Azeret 512-854-6366
West, Kelley 512-854-5713
Westlund, Justin 512-854-4439
White, Christopher 512-854-5723
Whitley-Mortimer, LaKeisha 512-854-6704
Williams, Emilee 512-854-3143
Williams-Spicer, Carissa 512-854-6329
Wilson, Elaine 512-854-6302
Wilson, Raphael 512-854-6331
Wilson, Shamica 512-854-3527
Wingate, Blake (Daniel) 512-854-6301
Wingate, Sunni 512-854-5790
Young, Chris 512-854-3141

If you don’t know who your officer is, please contact the main number at each location:

  • McKinney Falls: 512-854-2723
  • Burnet Road: 512-854-9775
  • SMART: 512-854-3150
  • MHMR: 512-854-1800

Contact Information

Rodolfo Pérez, Jr.

Daniel McCoy-Bae
Assistant Director

Pretrial Services

Drug Diversion Court

Adult Probation


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